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Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Cocktail of technologies. 2016 Project

One year ago the PHP-MVC framework CodeIgniter code become a project of the "British Columbia Institute of Technology", during this year the new team released a new stable version.

Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on your point of view) the new version of CI comes again without any web interface or prototyped sites elements (as an ACL for instance).

Some mounths ago a friend show me this project on GitHub: Codeigniter-Boilerplate.

A great idea to combine CI with the clean working template of HTML5BP (which I mentioned in a previous post: HTML5 frameworks an overview (part II): HTML5Boilerplate).

Sadly this nice project is really up-to-date, so I forked it and I upgraded the two components, then added Twitter Bootstrap.

Then I bundled some useful script and extensions:

I added some prototyped part of web pages like a Portfolio, a Gallery or some footers.
At the last I'm transferring in the new structure the helpers I wrote for other projects.

How to call this 'structure with a lot of things'?
I tried a different acronyms, but I just found awful combinations, so at least it is a reasoned mix of working things, why not:

See it on my web space:
Downoad it from GitHub:

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